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How To Unlock Facebook Account -100% Working

Hello, I am Bahar Uddin. CEO of Caltech. The content of this tutorial is very important for all Facebook account users. Recently, Facebook announced new security settings that require all users to upgrade their security settings. Email and password updates, two-factor authentication. However, users who do not upgrade this setting will be locked out of their Facebook account. Now see how to unlock your Facebook account within 24 hours. If you face this problem, you can unlock your Facebook account by following our guide.

Facebook’s recently updated feature means all Facebook account users will need to update their security. On October 28, 2021, all users will update their security settings. However, some accounts are permanently locked in security unless the user upgrades. 2021.lock Facebook account unlock process.
Upgrading this setting will prevent some rule accounts from being locked out. HARD is required for your Facebook account password. Then your account has been verified with two-factor authentication and Gmail added. These three security settings update accounts that are not locked. However, if you do not upgrade this security, your Facebook account will be permanently locked. This tutorial will show you how to unlock your Facebook account and lock the Facebook account unlocking process within 24 hours.

How to unlock the Facebook account process?

To return your Facebook account, you must submit account documentation. Yes (NID card, passport, and training documents) So you must have an NID card, passport and training documents.
But don’t worry if you are using a fake Facebook account (not the same as your ID name). You can return your Facebook account with a fake NID card.

If you have an original NID card, passport, or educational document. Take 2 pictures of the back of the NID card and add 1 more. If you Don’t NID card or document where your name is not Mach please click here.

  • Name: Facebook ID name
  • Father’s Name: Anything
  • Mother’s name: no
  • Date of Birth: Use Date of Birth of your Facebook ID
  • NID Number: Any (13 digits)
  • Signature: Your FB ID
  • Upload photo: Facebook profile picture

When all information is filled in, click “Submit” and download your NID card.

Then go to the Facebook app and log in to this account lock. A notification will appear, click “Get Started”. Then click “Identified” on the next page, provide your “Email Address” and click Next. There is a NID card or document upload and submission. Your account has been approved for 2-4 hours.
Final rule: You can backup your locked Facebook account within 24 hours by following this trick.

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