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Your account has been locked | How To Unlock Facebook Account

Many of our Facebook accounts are getting locked. If we do not do tow factor verification by 28 October 2021, our Facebook account will be locked.

Friends Facebook is one of the world’s social media. Through Facebook we communicate from one end of the world to the other, Facebook has messengers, video calls, audio calls or chats with friends, relatives, girlfriends or boyfriends through Messenger. Many of us are already noticing that if we do not launch two-factor verification by October 28th. Then our Facebook account will be locked.

Facebook account will be locked?

Friends, first I explain to you, why our Facebook account will be locked. The first is the introduction of two-factor verification. Facebook accounts will be safe. No one will be able to hack Facebook account like before. Basically those who use Facebook for business performance. If they have a group on Facebook and a Facebook page, their account will be locked.

Many of us are locked in Facebook from now on, friends, today I will show you how to protect your Facebook from being locked. And how do you get back to being locked up again. Unlock Facebook Account.

Unlock Facebook Account

What do you do if your Facebook account is locked? Of course, remember the date of birth of your Facebook account and you will need the number with which you are opening the account. And you must have NID card. Then you can easily unlock your Facebook account.

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