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Send Unlimited Free SMS Any SIM | Free SMS Apps 2022

Due to the current internet we rarely use SMS. There are many of us who still talk via SMS.

Due to the presence of social media in this modern age, none of us currently use SMS. When we didn’t have internet connection and social media was not so popular, we all used to send SMS and talk to our friends. But nowadays due to the presence of social media such as Messenger, Imo, WhatsApp, Snapchat, etc. I send messages through social media. Even then, many of us need SMS at different times. For this we have to send SMS. Today’s article is for those of you who talk by sending SMS. Assalamu alaikum how are you all hope all is well. So today I will show you how to send unlimited free sms. You can send free SMS to anyone by keeping your number secret. You will not need any money for this.

how to send unlimited free sms

First You will need an application to send unlimited free SMS. After downloading the app, you will open it.When open the app, Now you need to open an account for this Click to sign up Button.

Then you have to give your full name, your mobile number, and a password. First, you have to give the password, then you have to give the same password in the second option.

Free SMS

Then you will come back again, then you have to login with your number and key password.

Free SMS

Then you have to click on the icon-like arrow to send SMS.

Free SMS

Here you can see two options, one of which you can send a direct SMS, the other through which you can keep the time you want, the time will be automatic SMS will go.Free SMSTo send an SMS, you will give your number to the person to whom you will send the SMS, then you will see the message option. Here you will enter the text you want to send and then click Send.

Free SMS


If you want to send an SMS on time, then select the first time and on what date you want to send it. Then enter your number and what SMS and click on send. You will be deducted 2 points for each SMS sent.

Free SMS

You will click on the third line for how to end unlimited coins.

Free SMS


Then you can see the gate point is written there what to do.

Free SMS

Then you can leave that there is a spin option. You can earn unlimited points by spinning from here. Below that you can see Daily Checking You can easily earn 75 points by checking your daily. This way you can easily send free SMS to anyone. Thank you.

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