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How to find out WIFI Password on Android Phone | See WiFi Password

Nowadays, many of us use WiFi, but not all of us know about the security of WiFi. Again, many of us want to find out the WiFi Password.

There are many rules to find out WiFi password, friends, there are many of us who want to use Wifi for free. But we are given the passwords of the surrounding WiFi, for which we can not get the wifi password for free. Friends so many of us try to figure out how to find out wifi password. We all do a Google search for “WiFi Password Ber Korar upay, Kivabe wifi password dekhbow“, how to connect wifi without password.

What is WiFi?

The full form of Wi-Fi is Wireless Friendly. That means WiFi is the means to connect any device (mobile or computer) without it. A router is required to use WiFi, the network can be provided up to 100 meters with the router, various devices in the vicinity can be connected to the Internet by one device.

How WiFi passwords work

The function of WiFi is to provide wireless internet connection to different devices. And passwords and usernames are given to the router to connect to wifi. If your device wants to run internet via wifi then you will need wifi signal nearby, first you need to see which signal you want to connect. When you go to check the WiFi signal, you will see many signals nearby. If you click on the name of any WiFi password, wifi will be connected.

How to find out Wifi password with mobile.

If your mobile has any WiFi connected. Then you can easily find out the password of that WiFi. (If your mobile phone is an updated phone) If we run WiFi on one mobile, now if you have another device and you want to connect to that phone then you need wifi password for that. If you want to connect wifi with mobile. Then friends follow today’s post and find out wifi password.

First go to mobile settings and click on Wifi option. Now tap on the wifi name you are connected to. After clicking, you will see a QR code. Now take a screenshot of this QR code. Just crop the QR code from the screenshot. Now enter the website by clicking here. Now you will see an acre option called upload a file. Now click on choose file, select the QR code that you cropped. And when you click on the submit option, you will see a new interface. Where you can see your wifi password.

WiFi password recovery software

Friends, now we have a variety of apps for different jobs. There are also various softwares in the Play Store to extract Demni WiFi passwords. Now let’s see how wifi apps work. For this, download the router app from Play Store. Now the setup page will come, if you open the app, you will get Teams and conditions which you have to agree to. Then you can see the wifi connected to your mobile on a new page. If you click on press to update at the top, you can see the IP address of the wifi network that is connected to your mobile. Now you can see the text open router page below the IP address. If you click on it you will find username and password. Login by typing ‘admin’ in lowercase letters here. Then click on the three dot option at the top and then click on the wireless settings or wireless security option. Now you can see the name of your wifi and you can see the wifi password below.

How to hide from wifi icon navigation.

Friends, there are currently updated phones. This application does not work on these mobile phones. However, for those whose mobile version is 6/7, the application will work well on their mobile. wifi icon This software is working. If you are secretly using WiFi. And you want the owner of WiFi to see if WiFi is running on your mobile. Then this application is for you. The job of the software in Clean status bar is to clean the status bar of your mobile. That means how many networks you have on your phone or whether you are using WiFi. Or you can use the Internet to set everything you like.

Download Clean status bar

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