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Nogod Mobile Banking Savings Rate

 Nogod Mobile Banking Savings Rate – Another name for Nogod digital transactions has created a variety of service opportunities since the introduction of Nogod mobile banking services. Nogod has now opened a savings account. Keeping your savings in Nogod can make a profit. So today’s post is about how to raise money and the rate of profit.

Nogod Mobile Banking Savings Rate

The Nogod mobile banking service thinks about customers and raises the Nogod deposit rate day by day, but there are many Nogod customers who do not know the Nogod deposit rate. Also, there are many customers who know how much money they can save but don’t know how much they will save. So, considering the convenience of customers, we emphasize the savings rate of Nogod Mobile Banking 

When a Nogod customer deposits 0-1000.99 Taka into their Nogod account, they earn 0% of the total amount. (ie 0-1000.99 taka = 0% profit).

When a Nogod customer deposits TK.1000.1 to TK.5000.99 into their Nogod account, they earn a profit of 5% of the total amount. (i.e. 1000.1-5000.99 taka = % profit). 

When a Nogod customer deposits TK.5001 to TK.300000 in their Nogod account, they earn 8.5% of the total amount. (i.e. TK.5001-300000 = 8.5% profit).

The accounts presented in the above three items are Nogod mobile banking annual savings rates. Nogod Mobile Banking Authority offers customers monthly Nogod profits or savings. Now, how can the question be provided monthly? Let’s see how to distribute your monthly Nogod savings rate.

Assume you are a Nogod customer and have 10,000 Taka in your account. According to the above rule, you get 8.5% of your total annual money and you get 8.5% profit. Let’s count well –

Based on the above percentage, you will receive 8.5% per year.

For 100 Taka, you will receive 8.5% per year.

Then for 1 taka you get (8.5 ÷ 100) = 0.075 taka.

Then TK. 10,000 (10000 × 0.085) = TK. You get 650.

Now, if you get 750 Taka for every 10,000 Taka every 12 months, let’s say you get a monthly savings rate (650/12) = 72.5 Taka.

Now, the important thing is that if a Nogod customer keeps 10,000 Taka in their Nogod account, they will receive 72.5 Taka per month. And how to calculate your Nogod mobile banking savings rate or profit.

When depositing savings with Nogod Mobile Banking, the savings rate or profit is determined according to the amount. Calculate how much money you will earn based on the rules above. I hope you unde TK and the whole thing.

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