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Use Facebook without Internet on Your Banglalink

Finally, the wait for Banglalink users is over. Free Facebook for Banglalink subscribers has been launched. With a Banglalink SIM, you can use Facebook without buying data. Grameenphone, Robi, and Airtel have already launched free Facebook facilities. Banglalink subscribers were also waiting to receive this facility.

Use Facebook without Internet on Your Banglalink

Banglalink’s free Discover feature also started with this free Facebook offer. Banglalink offers more benefits than any other operator in the Discover app. Learn more about Facebook, Messenger and Discover services without Banglalink data.

Banglalink Free Text Only Facebook Service

The free Facebook feature introduced by Banglalink is text-only, just like any other operator. This means that you will not be able to see any photos or videos on Facebook following this offer. Only text, emoticons, and stickers are visible. This text-only version of Facebook allows you to comment like likes. You can also share posts.

How do I use Banglalink’s free Facebook service?

If you are already using the free Facebook service of Grameen Phone, Lobby, and Airtel, you do not need to worry too much about this article only using Bangla Link’s Facebook. Because the principle is the same for all operators.

When your Banglalink SIM runs out of data balance, the free Facebook feature is launched automatically. What are you surprised about? of course! You can use Facebook for free in the Facebook app or your browser. Simply open the Facebook app or visit the Facebook site in your browser and accept the free Facebook Terms.

But yes, if you have money in your banglalink account it can cost you up to 8 rupees depending on the pay-per-use policy. This is because, when mobile data is exhausted, the pay-as-you-go Internet package is automatically executed. You cannot activate pay-per-use packs without money in your account. So, if you have money in your account, it can cost you up to 7 rupees because you pay as planned.
You can use this free service while your mobile account is active until your next data pack purchase.
Banglalink’s free messenger service will only start when your mobile data balance is exhausted. In other words, a free messenger will be released along with a free text-only Facebook service.
A free messenger service allows you to send free text messages, stickers, and reactions. Can’t view photos or videos. You cannot make audio or video calls either. This is a useful service for exchanging urgent information when Internet data suddenly runs out.

How to run banglalink free messenger?

This service can be run in a mobile browser such as Google Chrome or the Messenger mobile app. If you have a messenger app on your mobile, turn it on. If you run out of mobile data, the messenger app will notify you to start a free service. You can use the free messenger by agreeing to the terms here.
To use the Facebook Messenger service on your mobile browser, you must first visit the Facebook site. You can find message options on the Facebook site. From there, you need to use Facebook’s messaging service. And yes, even in this case, if you have money in your account, your pay-as-you-go rate can be deducted.

Banglalink Free Discovery Offer

Another Facebook service “Discover”, available on Grameenphone, Robi, and Airtel, has also reached bangle ring. The Discover service allows you to use the Internet for free. This is also text-only. This means you can visit other sites through the Facebook Discover app or website. You can do a google search. No photos. Only text and icons are visible. Learn more: Get free internet with Facebook Discover.

How to use Banglalink Free Search?

This service is available through Facebook’s Discover mobile app or the Discover website. This offer starts automatically when your Banglalink SIM data balance is exhausted. The Banglalink Discover service may use up to 20 MB of data per day. Banglalink offers up to 600MB of free data per month for this text-only browsing. Other operators are offering up to 15MB per day (150MB per month) of data.
If you have a balance in the main account balance on your Banglalink SIM, you can deduct up to Tk 6 as a pay-as-you-go rate after the data balance is exhausted. If you do not have money in your account, you can use the free Discover service as soon as your MB is exhausted.

Have you tried free services like Facebook or Meter? How do you feel? Let me know in the comments!

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