Free Internet access with Facebook Discover

Recently, a service called Facebook Discover was launched in Bangladesh as a free internet service for useful services. This service, called Discover, offers free Facebook and free internet facilities. The Discover service is available on the app and website.

Let’s take a look at what Facebook Discover is, the benefits of free Discover, the features of the Discover app, and how to use the free internet on Discover.

What is Facebook Discover? | What is Facebook Discover?

The service Discover is Facebook’s app/service that you can use to visit various websites for free. Free mobile data is available every day using the Discover app on supported networks. This free mobile internet can be used to browse the internet and visit other websites.

In short, Facebook Discover is giving everyone in Bangladesh the opportunity to use Facebook and other important websites for free. Of course, in some countries other than Bangladesh, free internet service is available through an agreement between Facebook and a mobile operator.

In the Discover app, you can only view text and icons from supported websites. I can’t see any videos or photos on the website. Discover users have access to a specific amount of data specified by the operator.

What are the benefits of Facebook Discover?

You can use Facebook Discover to search and visit other websites for free. The advantages of Facebook Discover are:

  • read daily news
  • Get real-time game updates
  • looking for a job
  • know the weather

Purpose of Facebook Discover

4G Internet or broadband Internet service is already very popular in our country, but people in various remote areas still lack Internet facilities. Also, the cost of the internet prevents many people from buying regular data.

For example, a student with no income. If he wants to know about his studies or his online income, he will have to buy an internet package to find out. In this case, he can do a free Google search using Facebook Discover. Yahoo, Bing, and Ask.com are also available for these search engines.

Facebook has launched Discover, free internet service for the underprivileged. The main purpose of this search function is to provide basic Internet services to people from all walks of life.

This means that no one will be deprived of internet facilities if data is exhausted or there is no purchase option. With Facebook’s free search feature, people of all walks of life can enjoy Internet services. With this as an opportunity, Bangladesh also launched a free Facebook (text only) service.

Features of Facebook Discover

With Discover, you get 15MB of free internet daily. Use the Discover website and Discover app to get up to 150MB of free internet per month.

When you enter the Facebook Discover website or app, you will see a search box and some official and important websites. Google searches, for any topic in the search box. All websites in Google search results are free to visit.

The Discover website or app’s homepage currently has the following official websites (more new websites may be added in the future)

Board of Education website

Secondary and Higher Education Ministry website
Dhaka Board of Education website
You can visit the following COVID-19 related websites from the Discover website or the app homepage. International Health Organization website. Corona information website

You can also use the Discover app or the website’s search bar to search for topics and visit websites that appear in search results. You can also enter a website by typing the website address in the search box.

Discover’s website and app have a Google search service by default. However, you can change the search engine if you wish. To do this, open the search settings. Audio, video and photos will not be displayed while using the free data provided by Facebook.

How does Discover work?

Free Internet access with Facebook Discover
Discover loads website data fast with no internet charges. By default, using a proxy can make your website load faster. The Discover service uses its own proxy server to open the first visited site. The system on that proxy server then sends the page to the user’s phone in a way that doesn’t overload it with video, audio, or data content of any kind. Discover also uses proxies to remove harmful code from websites.

Website data is stored on secure servers to ensure that the entire process runs smoothly. Discover stores the data on that website in a readable and encrypted format. In this way, Discover can load websites very easily and quickly.

Rules for using Facebook Discover

The rules for using Facebook Discover are very easy. Available through the Facebook Discover website or app.

If you don’t have internet data on your phone, you can use the Discover app’s free internet. The Discover app allows you to use up to 15MB of internet daily. Up to 150MB of data per month again

Go to the Discover app or website. You can try when your phone’s mobile data balance is, Once the data in your Grameen Phone mobile account is exhausted, you can use the Discover mobile app or the free Discover site via your web browser after using Pay As You up to 5MB at the cost of Tk 6.075. Go plan. However, if there is no money in the account balance, the free data is immediately available.

The same conditions apply to the lobby and airtel. Even in that case, if you pay the usage fee, about 5-6 rupees will be charged.

Currently, Grameenphone, Robi, Banglalink, and Airtel SIMs can use the Discover app for free internet and free Facebook. But we hope that soon every operator in the country will have this free internet facility.

With the Discover app or website, you can use any website for free. Most mobile carriers in Korea have also started offering free Facebook services.

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