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Data Recovery Process – Recover deleted files from Phone or computer

You all probably know that once the file is deleted, it can be brought back. This process is called data recovery. android phone and computer File Recovery Process.

But Let’s say you have sold your old phone to laptop, desktop PC or any other device car, and before selling it may have given full format or factory reset. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. Today we will let you know in this article. What is Data Recovery? And how it works and how to delete files.

How Data Recovery Works

Let’s say, there is 8GB pen drive, you put 6 GB file in that pen drive, it means there is 2GB more space. Now you have deleted a file from 6GB to 1GB. Now the deletion process is usually when we delete something, then the recycle bin is ahead. When we clean from the recycle bin again. We are the general public general user. They all think that deleting from the recycle bin means that this file is completely deleted, this file can no longer be found, but not at all. When the recycle bin is cleaned, the file remains on the pen drive.

Suppose your 8GB to 6GB was full. 2gb was empty What happened when I deleted 1gb, 3gb was empty and 5GB was used. The 1gb space that is actually empty is marked as just empty, is it but it is not completely empty. This means that the file is still there. Just your pen drive says that there is space here. If you want another file, you can come here and sit in the place of that file.

If you accidentally delete any data, you can understand after deleting that you are deleting by mistake. That’s all I need to get back, then there are some data recovery software that you can use to recover them. but after deleting any file. If you add more files to that drive. Then you will not be able to restore your old file. Because I was saying that when you delete this file, the space is empty, but the file is still there, but whenever you overwrite a new file, when you bring it in, you can’t sit on it. If you click on any file, it will automatically sit on top. And whenever you sit on the top, the file below will be completely deleted. It will not be possible to recover it.

Data recovery in smartphones

So if you have an iPhone. If you have an iOS device, you can secure it. IOS devices are by default encrypted. Encrypted means that if you want this file, no one else can recover it. Even if it is recovered, it is encrypted but he cannot understand and see what is inside the file. But if you are an Android user and if you use a device after Android version five, then your device is encrypted and you have no reason to worry. But if your phone is earlier than Android 5, Lollipop version, then you need to manually encrypt. Otherwise the file may be recovered.

You can go to your phone’s settings to find out if the files are encrypted on your phone. After going to Settings, you will see an option called Security, inside of which there is an option called Encryption. If encrypted text then you are completely safe, but if not encrypted then there will be option to encrypt, from there you will get encrypted, it will take some time to encrypt, patiently encrypt. If you sell your mobile phone to someone then he will not be able to recover the files of your mobile.

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