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Find out the call and SMS history of any SIM – Recover Deleted SMS/Call List

Many people want to see the call list on their phones. I want to know how many minutes he has been calling a number that has miscellaneous numbers. Today I am going to show you how to check the call history of any phone and how to check how long and how many calls someone you like is talking to. SMS history and deleted SMS/call list

Assalamualaikum friend I hope everything goes well. Many people want to know the call log of their friend, lover, friend, or wife. Call logs from all SIMs used on your phone will be lost. Friends, many people in Bangladesh want to see the call log of Robi SIM, Grameen SIM, Airtel SIM, Banglalink SIM, but we all can’t see the call log. This is because you can only see the outgoing call history. I can’t see anything other than this in the Robi, Airtel, Grameen, and Banglalink aapscds. Call & SMS history find deleted items and recover deleted SMS/call list.

It is often the case that the call list is accidentally deleted from the phone or various important SMS are deleted. Next time we will read about the call and SMS recovery, but many people don’t know how to recover. After reading this post, you can easily recover deleted SMS history.

How to find a call list on phone?

Today I am going to share with you a lapse that allows you to get all your phone’s call history through the lapsed. This means you can easily find the call history or call list of any phone. You can see how many numbers he’s talking to on your phone, how many minutes he’s been talking to, and who he’s talking to. Call and SMS log

How to find an SMS list?

Many people want to know SMS history, but many people do not know how to find SMS history. You can view your SMS history. From the phone, you can easily see who has sent whom and how many SMS, how many SMS to whom, how many SMS have been sent, i.e. how many SMS have been sent to loved ones and how many SMS have been sent. sent to you sent him Remove all deleted call logs and SMS logs.
This will show the team and conditions. Click the checkmark procedure.
This will open a page like the one above. Click Continue here. Take a look at the screenshots and you will understand.

You will then see an option to import your SMS list and call list. Click SMS to get a list of SMS, you can see all the SMS exchanged on your phone.

Now how to find call history. Click on the normal call log text to display a list of all calls made to your phone.

Then select the date to get the list of currencies. Then select Call Log. Then give it a name to save the list of calls to. After giving it a name, click Export to PDF. This will save a log of all the calls you have made so far in your phone’s file manager. Then you can go to the file manager and view the call logs in the E2PDF folder.

From now on, we hope you can easily find the call history or call list for the SIM of any phone. Recover deleted SMS/call list. You can easily recover all your deleted SMS and call lists from your phone.
thank you. All with ATC Bangla

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