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ATC Android ToTo Company Lifestory

ATC Android Toto Company was started 13 years. Two brothers started when we didn’t have so many team members. From the very beginning, the work was with this mobile review. Some of the people who started it, due to some mistakes, the channel was deleted from YouTube in 2014 or 15 due to our own mistake. At that time, the number of Android Toto Company subscribers was 10000 thousand. On October 12, 2015, the currently running channel was reopened.

That’s how the Toto Company got its name:

  • The reason for using the word Toto Toto in the middle of the ADC Android Toto company was basically. The people who owned the Toto company did not have any kind of gazette, they did not have any side for video or any other good quality. At that time, no one supported YouTube so much and these videos were not so popular then. Bangladesh’s video is not the beginning of Bangladesh. Since no company has supported us in tune. In that case, going to different markets, shopkeepers would tell shopkeeper Kader that his brother would give you the phone. In this way, we would make a video. It turned out that the word Toto would be used in the channel name. From here, the name of the channel became ETC Android Toto Company.

Founder of ATC Android Toto Company:

  • Rapid is the founder of Android Toto Company. In fact, our audience doesn’t know much about Rafid because Rafid feels a little shy or a little annoyed when he comes in front of the camera. This is a big thing for the YouTube channel that everyone will have to watch so soon. Everyone has to struggle a lot. It doesn’t take much pressure to make a check video. It takes a lot of time to pay. One could see thousands of views in one video.

Tushar Ahmed Personal Information (ATC)



Stage Name Tushar Ahmed
Real Name

Ashikur Rahman Tushar

Nickname Tushar
Height 5’ 7”
Profession(s) Youtube
Gender Male
 Current City Mirpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Home Town Lakshmipur, Chittagong, Bangladesh
Nationality Bangladeshi
Religion Islam
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Food Habit
Weight in Kilograms

YouTubing Information

Channel Name ATC Android ToTo Company
Stats YouTube Joined Oct 12,2015
Style Tech Review
Uploaded video 631+
Schedule Thrice a month
Subscribers 1.35 M + (2021)
Views 152 M (2021)
Links Facebook,inst,FB page & Ask,fm

Contact Address

Website Will update
Email Id [email protected]
Phone Number Will update
House Address Will update

Social Media


ID Name

ATC Instagram ATC TOTO
Tushar Facebook

Ashikur Rahman Tushar

ATC Facebook page Android ToTo COmpany
ATC Facebook Group ATC Official Group
Youtube ATC Android ToTo Company
ATC Website


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