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Apple Watch Alerts Save Lives

It sounds a little different, but it was true. Many people can’t believe how a watch could save a person’s life in a detailed report of an Apple Watch warning.

Apple Watch’s outstanding contribution to giving people a new life is growing. But how can you hear it? We have heard about the fact many times that Apple Watch has always been a savior for the health awareness of the users, especially life, apart from providing general technological benefits. This stylish smartwatch made headlines by saving American women’s lives.

Yoli de Leon, from Arizona, USA, said the device in her hand warns of high blood pressure and an abnormal heartbeat. Finally, he clarified the problem and said it would have been a fatal accident if Erlan hadn’t given him the device.

But, according to Apple Insider, De Leon said she had reached an emergency when she said she had a heart rate of 164 on her Apple Watch at the time. However, we would like to inform you that Apple Watch’s ECG aldofe and irregular heartbeat notification feature can help users detect symptoms of AFib, the most common form of abnormal heartbeat.

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